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Microwave wood treatment

Introducing the Next Generation of Environmentally friendly solutions for the treatment of wood worms, dry wood termites, and numerous varieties of wood boring beetles commonly found in hardwood floors, wooden structures and furniture

This new technology enables the control of wood-destroying insects, eliminates fungus and dry rot, safely, without any harsh chemicals or other expensive treatments.

Why Shashel

We were frustrated with the catastrophic destruction caused by infestations of wood boring insects, and worms. The cost to repair and maintain wooden structures - buildings, log cabins, furniture - is astronomical. When we went looking for a solution to eliminate these pests, all we found were treatments based on harsh and toxic chemicals. 

There had to be a better way. We went looking for a solution that met these goals; it had to be environmentally friendly, without the use of harsh chemicals, had to be easy to use and completely safe. We developed the perfect solution through the use of Microwave Technology. With the use of Microwave technology, you can now control insect infestations easily and safely. Another major benefit is the elimination of fungus and dry rot. 

The Shashel Microwave device emits electromagnetic waves which stimulates the water molecules in the wood, slightly raising the temperature to 50°-60° C (120°-140° F) killing any insects and worms in the wood. 


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