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Our Origins

The story of things...

Shashel was founded on October 1, 2012. We recognized the need for a product that had to meet stringent requirements: be ecologically friendly, leave no poisonous residues, safe to apply and easy to use. Our first product we designed and manufactured was a microwave-based disinfectant for the control and elimination of insect pests (food moths) found in air fillers of greenhouses used to grow medicinal herbal and tea products. From there the product was used as a disinfectant in veterinary food supplements used for cattle, eliminating insects in confectionery manufacturing facilities and seed storage granaries.



The success of using microwave technology at the early stages of Shashel, fueled the design of innovative microwave equipment for the control and elimination of wood-eating insects (grinder, bark beetle, moustache beetle, termites etc.). Shashel grew quickly to capture the European market. The key to the success of Shashel was in the specially designed emitter antenna, enabling the even distribution of the microwave field to the targeted area. The lightweight design enables the antenna to be easily and without much effort, comfortably placed at the targeted infestation. The antenna design is protected from dust, dirt and harsh environments.

One of Shashel’s first customers was “INGENIEURBUERO FUER BLOCKHAUSPLANUNG” in Germany. The company is a manufacturer and builder of log and timber homes. The founder, Erik F'hlisch was struggling with the control and elimination of wood boring insects for his customer installations. With the Shashel solution, the control of wood boring insects has been solved and Erik has become a major champion of our products.       

The Team

Today the company develops and manufactures all of our products using only high-quality components and certifying the equipment according to country specific regulations.

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