For hard to reach places. Exteded microvawe antena


To kill powderpost beetle, house longhorn beetle, deathwatch beetle, other woodworms 

Shashel guarantees killing woodborer.

2 year warranty


We will ship anywhere in the world


Technical characteristics:

Material - aluminum, galvanized metal
The area treated surface - 300x300 mm
Power(frequency) - 1.5 kW (2450 MHz)
Mode - cyclic - 2-17 minutes work for 2-3 minutes cooling
Supply voltage - stabilized 230 V, 50-60 Hz
Remote Control - 15 meters

Relocation of the transmitter from the power supply - 4 meters
Made according to -  ISO 9001:2008 / CE

  Scope of delivery

   1. Microwave equipment for disinfection of wooden structures
   2. Instruction.


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