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Only termites alone can spoil or destroy house wooden load-bearing structures in just a few years. In the first five years after the invasion of termites, damaging consequences of their work can even be invisible. But by then, it may be simply too late. Your home is probably your most important and biggest investment. Therefore, it is prudent to take all possible steps to protect the home from termites, or get rid of them ASAP, before they really start to multiply.

The main food of termites is cellulose. It is present in the wood, grass and leaves of trees. They can cause significant economic damage. In some cases the damage can cost can be millions of dollars a year. The damage can be any wooden constructions and even woody species, like trees. Their stealth tactics of eating wood, in which the exterior surface looks completely intact, is the major cause of their late detection.

Look for signs of invasion. Maybe you will not see direct evidence of the invasion of termites, but it does not mean that you should stay indifferent to the problem. Saggy floors, beware! Any holes in the wooden elements of the house and any voids in the house load-bearing structures, they are all serious signs of termites. Maybe, perhaps you will even actually see termites.

People often call these pests "white ants." This name is associated with the color of termite workers, which are often light or whitish. And other than color, termites actually do look different. They lack the narrow constriction that separates the chest from the abdomen.

There are two main types of termites infesting homes: subterranean termites, and dry wood termites. The first lives both in soil and the wooden structures of houses. The second type lives only in wood. As mentioned, termites are a very dangerous pest of wooden structures. The drywood termite is family of termites, which is one of the three largest among these social insects. There are about 420 species of this insect. Drywood termites are a medium small size, of about 10-13 mm in length, color – yellowish brown. Colonies of this family of termites have about a few thousand workers. The Queen lays about a dozen eggs a day. They have spread to almost every continent in the world.

These termites do not require contact with soil. They live in the wood that they are eating.

Termites like wood with a moisture content of 10%. If you find termites, not to worry! You can easily get rid of the termites by using the Microwave Shashel treatment. In a few minutes with this process, all the pests in wood will be "fryed.” A treatment that you can do yourself. Microwave Shashel process is natural Eco friendly treatment. The microwave non-chemical treatment is the most effective tool for eradication of dry wood termites.

Elimination of dry wood termites is no longer a problem.

The treatment targets only the termites. It takes only a few minutes. It does not require the resettlement of residents. This self treatment process is a convenient, fast way to rid your home of termites.

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