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The method is completely harmless. Operating Shashel Microwave equipment is carried out by remote control. It leaves no traces of chemical contamination. The service is available throughout the year.

The new technology allows control of wood-destroying insects activity, and it eliminates fungus- dry rot without use of chemicals.

Exposure to microwaves eradicates wood-boring beetles without damaging timber and environment. Unlike the common methods, microwaves affect material being processed directly. Devices that emit electromagnetic waves stimulate vibration of water molecules in the timber. The timber reaches a required temperature of 50-60 °C, killing xylophages.

It is necessary to notice that the process of heating the material with microwaves intensifies according to the quantity of liquid in the material. Living organisms (in this instance - insects) are composed of 70-80% water, and being exposed to the microwave field heats the insects much more rapidly than the timber containing them, which guarantees the successful full destruction of the insects. The ability to control the range of microwaves impact as well as the portability of the equipment provides the highest effectiveness of the method.

The main advantages of technology by Shashel: - absolute safety of the method; - absence of chemical residues; - no negative impact on the environment; - can be effectively used in cases where the other methods are not applicable;

- full control over the disinfestation process; - service is available all around the year regardless of the current air temperature;

- possibility to apply the technology with dielectric materials within building structures (walls, floors, ceilings under plaster, wood, masonry, drywall, plastic, in various combinations), and for household items (furniture, wooden frames, books).

It should be noted that the log house is inviting wood beetles every year. Wooden house requires care and protection. must take care of the safety of log homes.

Otherwise woodworm eat all. Powder post beetles can be killed by Microwave. Area is processed in average 7-10 minutes, in this place all wood-boring insects will be killed. 7 minutes and the house rescued. Shashel equipment kills all species of woodworms.

It is for each log home and household use. Shashel help you get rid of all wood-boring beetles. Equipment is safe for wood. Also you can treat wood-destroying insects in furniture or antiques.